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Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer

The Playful Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer

Sand Dunes in Jaisalme

The charming sand dunes of Jaisalmer are best understood when you actually experience them. The majestic Thar has numerous sand dunes which offer tourists to witness their playfulness through camping and desert safaris. Depending on your duration of visit, you can spend a few days amidst these shifting dunes and watch the glorious sun early morning spread its magic over these beautiful sands. The desert comes alive at night, and it is this nightlife that entices travellers to spend some time in solitude.
There are many sand dunes in Jaisalmer that are worth visiting. Some of which you can visit include Khuri Sand Dunes, Sam Sand Dunes, and Lodhruva Sand Dunes. You can choose to stay at one of the campsites right here in the middle of the desert to experience the traditional and tranquilizing songs, dance, and food of colourful Rajasthan.

There are different activities that you can undertake when you are camping in one of the sites in the desert. Some of them include:

Camel Safari

A camel safari is one of the most authentic ways to explore the sand dunes of Jaisalmer. Tourists are accompanied by guides throughout the safari. There are captivating sights that you can discover and capture. Wander through the rustic homesteads and get to meet the local folks. It is an invigorating experience on the golden sand dunes. You can choose to spend an entire day or half a day on a camel safari.

Jeep Safari

Sand Dunes in Jaisalme

It is indeed an exhilarating experience to roam the desert on a jeep. The thumps and wobbles will boost your adventurous side. It is a quicker and more comfortable way to see the desert. You can see the wildlife, the towns, and villages that come your way, or stranded temples that still look artistically beautiful. Jeep safaris usually last for an hour but are customized upon the request of tourists.


Safaris are for day times and campsites are for you to enjoy the nightlife of the desert. All campsites arrange for campfires where you can enjoy the traditional Kalbelia dance, listen to folk songs, gaze at the twinkling stars and enjoy delicious Rajasthani local food. Staying here at a camp lets you forget about the noisy city life.

Where to Stay in the Thar Desert?

At Royal Pavilion Camps, we offer luxurious cottage style and deluxe tents that are well-furnished with all the amenities. The tents have traditional furniture set-up and a western style washroom is attached to every tent. We serve a wide range of dishes, offer WiFi, parking space, play area, campfire and many other facilities for all our customers. We have always looked forward to making our customers feel at home during their stay with us by providing them with premium services. You can get in touch with us for more details on rates and other queries, if any. We would be happy to help!